Friday, February 11, 2011

little angels of today

i'm not much of a napper.
there's too much to do in life
to waste time on naps--
is generally how i approach things.
but let's be honest,
there are those days. . . 
when my body just begs me.

i brought the kids home,
fed them
(with a prayer of thanks for the guilty pleasure
of a weekly
peanut-butter and jelly lunch),
and then began my scheming.
the first chore was to get the baby down,
which actually took rocking him to sleep today,
and i began to think we weren't off to a good start.
but after that,
the heavens began to smile down on me.
avi sat down quietly with some puzzles,
milla with some friend magazines,
and i explained that i was going to disappear to my bed
just for a bit,
and please don't disturb.
please. . .

and then i actually fell asleep.
for an hour and 15 minutes.
are my girls always angels like that?
not always
(of course).
but i went to sleep in the presence of angels
and woke up to the same ones.

the baby was still sleeping peacefully,
the house was still quiet.
milla had sat down to the table
with some markers and a stack of blank pages
"to make presents for her teachers,"
(катя, я тебя очень люблу.
катя, ты такая красивая. . ."
while avi had finished two puzzles
and then, in her room dimly lit
by a waning, setting friday sun,
had begun to prepare for shabbat.
she had spread a cloth out on her floor
and made a spread with four place settings,
had turned on her sukkot songs,
and was happy to see i had awoken
just in time.

and so we lit a candle,
prepared some tea,
and sat down to meet shabbat on that happy note.

and i said another thankful prayer
for the little angels of today.

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