Friday, February 4, 2011

no good reason

the first time the ludicrous idea
ever entered my mind
was one sultry day in new york city
when i had gone to visit a friend.
getting there was a bit of a hike
not to mention the 5th-floor walkup building.
but upon entering her apartment
it was the first thing i saw:
a lovely two-layer cake with chocolate frosting.
surely she wasn't going to share it with us.
nobody bakes a cake just for fun.
whose birthday was it?
but the truth was,
she had baked it
just because she felt like it.
and she did share it with us.

why had i never thought
to do something so wild and preposterous before?
and why have i not done it
more often?

today we made chocolate muffins.
and when the girls pointed out
that the recipe (that they chose)
had frosting and sprinkles on it,
i tried to talk them out of it for a second,
before remembering
that hot day in new york
when i was treated to
a chocolate cake for no reason.
and so we pulled out the confectioner's decorations,
whipped up a batch of frosting,
and after dinner tonight
gathered everyone around the table
to join in the decorating,
the chocolate muffins with frosting and sprinkles--
for no reason.


marlamuppets said...

for some reason this post makes me sentimental and emotional :)

love it. hope your cupcakes were yummy. they sure look pretty!

Mindy said...

I too found myself a little misty eyed. Baking is so fun, especially with children. It will be a memory forever!

Olgon said...

Надеюсь,Вас это не обидит и не испугает,но Вы становитесь немного русской.