Monday, February 28, 2011

sushi maker

 i can't make claim
to more than one "as-seen-on-tv" product
in my possession.
and it wasn't so much "as seen on tv" for me
as it was "as seen in the mall,"
but for some reason this product was a must-have for me,
or so i thought 9 years ago
when it got put on my christmas list.
a sushi maker!
perfect for folks like me
who don't do the slimy fish anyway,
and couldn't work any sort of anything
with only a bucket of rice and a mat to work with.
the contraption,
is actually clever enough
and got a lot of use in our house--
back in the manhattan days.

why was it chosen as one of the very few items
carried across the ocean in the move?
i'm not sure
(ask alex).
and especially because sadly enough,
the sushi maker has been collecting dust
ever since he arrived in russia.

and what prompted our pulling the old box-o-plastic out?
well, the girls.
who else?
a sushi maker, mom?
we can make our own sushi?
yes, we can.
amazing, isn't it!
and more amazing was attempting
all those humorously-shaped sushi
that surely would have japan scoffing.
avi picked the big monster-sized rounds,
and milla, of course, the hearts.

heart-shaped sushi!
it can't get more
"as-seen-on-tv" than that, can it.

1 comment:

cynthia said...

I want one of these! I lived in Japan for a year (many years ago and this is the 1st heart-shaped sushi I've ever seen.