Thursday, February 3, 2011

to do

and so it took
moscow calling a city-wide school quarantine
for me to finally make up that
i once told you about.

i mean, it was just a cold, really,
but a pretty beastly one.
so they tell me.
milla and i were among the lucky ones--
while avi, andreas and alex
fell victim last week.
and they definitely had a go of it.
we even had our first experience
with a russian скорая помощь
which is an ambulance of sorts
late saturday night.
i can't say that i was too impressed,
though they did help the situation,
i drew the deep line
at their begging me to take the baby
to the hospital for a week.
it's a fever and a cold, people!
but as you can see,
all of moscow has got that fever and cold,
and the schools have been closed
for the whole week.

now we are pulling out of it
and even the baby
was back to his happy self today.
but that to-do list
was good timing
and will be sticking around.


Ann said...

Terrible. Hope the worst is over.

Amy said...

letting them take him would be one of the scariest thoughts I can imagine. We get fevers and colds all the time. Sheesh!

SweetpeainFrance said...

Wishing you all to recover better health.
Now what is on the list?
Whenever I make one for myself the list is of the things I dream to do but in reality the things I have to do are not on the list. Maybe to be a child and have a choice of what to do from the list is more my idea of happiness and fun!

Lindsay Van Orden said...

totally brings back memories of the to do list we had growing up. right inside the pantry door that mom had made for us. classic. and really, it's brilliant. "mom, what can we do? we're bored..." "go look at the list and find something". and wha-la, the burden is now off your plate, and lies solely with themselves to find something to entertain for a while. genius i tell you. i'm sure i'll have one of those some day too.

ps: have you heard rachael yamagata? listening to her just today and thought, i bet jen would like this chick.... know her?