Tuesday, March 22, 2011

жигули #2

there are several unfortunate things
about having to rent an apartment.
chief among them though,
is having to live with someone else's choice of style.
and even before we sign any papers,
i make sure they are willing
to remove just about everything
that can be removed--
the last thing i want
is to feel like i'm living in someone else's space.

now if you remember,
for some time
before the landlord came and removed it
(not too long before she removed us)
but that little number i picked up
at the antique shop
never did get hung in its place.

and so when we moved into this apartment,
i had high hopes for his finding a new home
hanging above our heads.
those hopes were dashed
as i was making my obligatory inquiry
about which light fixtures we could replace
with our own.
and i was told
all but the living room chandelier--
which happened to be
(almost as expensive as, and)
even further from my style than the жигули.
what's a girl to do?

i was a little hesitant
about letting the ball throwing get
too out of hand--
but let's just say
it must have been the hand of providence
that caused the thing
to snap all on it's own.
it is a good thing we had just left the room,
because it very well could have fallen
on our heads,
or burned us, as it did the floor a bit,
with its sparks and who-knows-what-the-heck-happened to it,
but after all was said and done,
i was ecstatic
that my chandelier was going to find a home
with us after all.

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