Wednesday, March 23, 2011

3-4 hours

and this, my friends,
is my view
for a good 3-4 hours a day.

the agonizingly painful process
of getting food into this little tummy.
why were some children born
without an interest in food?
if he even sees that spoon coming his direction,
it doesn't matter what's on it,
both arms go flying up across his face
in a self-defense move.
our offense has been to empty out
the cooking utensils drawer
or the box of cookie cutters--
we have found that if he is thinking about something
other than what you are doing,
i.e. banging that tablespoon
against the garlic press,
he doesn't even seem to notice he's opening his mouth.
although even when you think
you've finally had a victory,
then he lets it sit in his mouth without swallowing
for minutes.
and i watch the minutes of my life
slipping down the drain. . .

for heaven's sake,
my girls were spoon-feeding themselves
by 12 months.
this little guy as of late
has even quit finger-fooding.
and in an unprecedented move this evening,
he even started throwing his once-favorite raisins
on the floor
when i wasn't looking.

just like i tell him all day long,
for other reasons like
his unwinding the roll of toilet paper (again),
or eating the red marker,
or throwing the tart tins in the trash--
you're lucky you're so darn cute, little guy. . .
or i could be out of my mind by now.


LKC said...

This is the hardest age I think. Maybe I'm just exhausted though.

I didn't know you had a non-eater. We can swap stories! Welcome to my world, sister.

OnGod'sErrand said...

I think that he wants a big, juicy steak. ;)