Tuesday, March 8, 2011

baby's first haircut

it didn't turn out exactly as we had planned,
but maybe that was for the better.

as it was
it was a long-dreaded and procrastinated day.
i had had to trim his bangs myself one time last fall,
and ever after i regretted it.
but this time around
as his hair was growing down over his eyes
i decided a barrette was not the best solution.

and so we set up the appointment,
scheduled so that we could be back
in time for his nap.
but when we were running late this morning,
i guess we ran the risk--
and just as we were rounding the last corners
to the salon,
he was fast asleep.

and so we thought,
maybe it's for the better?
and we carefully carried him in,
pulled his coat down,
put the cape on
and i held him in my arms as the stylist
set about her work.

and while she snipped, he snored,
and those precious locks tumbled to the floor,
unbeknownst to our poor little guy.

we managed the front and both sides
and were trying to adjust to start the back
when he stirred,
opened his eyes,
and wondered what sort of a dream he had awakened in.

but we wasted no time!
in fact that post-snooze daze
was the perfect medicine for a hassle-free,
unfidgety, calm haircut for a one-year-old boy.
he sat quietly and hardly moved.

even when we moved him to the big chair,
and even when we pulled out the hairdryer on him.
he was angelic.

will the trick work next time?
probably not.
and i can't believe i'm going to have to do this
on a regular basis.


happyfamily said...

Cut it yourself? That is my current plan for getting rid of my little one's luscious curls, but I can't bring myself to do it. Sure, he looks more like a clown each day, but the top just won't grow long, and my first requirement was that his hair be in his eyes before we cut it. I may have to amend that requirement.
Your son's haircut gives me hope. There's still a little curl. So darling!

OnGod'sErrand said...

Quite the little man! That first cut is always the hardest, but a step every mother must take. He looks adorable.

Amy said...

Our boy has the best hair in our family. It grows so fast. We have to get it cut about every 3 weeks, and everyone still calls him a girl. Its gotten easier for him each time. The last haircut he didn't even scream once.

Christine said...

Okay, I guess it's time to take my mullet boy in for a trim. He has long, long hair and it's curly in the back. I haven't been able to cut it except for his bangs and he's always being called a girl. Your little guy is so cute.