Tuesday, March 29, 2011


six years and two months ago
i found myself
in the food emporium
in front of a posting for an apartment switch:
new york city with paris.
um, excuse me?  yes?  where do i sign up?
alex was working for himself at the time,
and we had absolutely no reason
not to transfer ourselves to paris for a month,
just for fun.
we craigslisted our own apartment,
craigslisted one by the eiffel tower,
packed our bags and our baby
and spent a glorious march in paris.

now i find myself saying goodbye
to yet another march.
this time a march in moscow,
which has left me sorely disappointed
at what it had to offer
as far as spring is concerned.
in a nutshell, snow, coats, wind,
temperatures below freezing, and more snow.
there have been many a time
that i have checked the temperatures in paris,
just to make myself feel worse.
60 degrees?
who needs it, anyway.

and so we've been resolved this march
to visiting paris in our dreams.
the girls have insisted on the playlist francaise
as of late.
it's growing larger and larger.
and here i share some of our favorites:
des mains de femme, by yves jamait
avril et toi, by les ogres de barback
un petit peu d'air, by felipecha
les amoureux de passage, by charlie
emmene-moi, by les tit nassels
(the girls play this over and over)
port coton, by zaz
la cigarette, by melanie pain
tout vu tout lu, by benabar
soixantes millions de. . ., by les tit nassels
petit caillou, by amelie-les-crayons
de fil en aiguille, by felipecha

so now, if you also find yourself
dreaming about that 60 degrees in paris--
can go speeding down the boulevard
as we do,
singing emmene-moi!
at the top of your lungs!


d...chik said...

gotta do this again...

it is amazing how unimportant some things are you think at the time are important..

mer said...

I recognize that little shirt of Milla's :). And how did I not know that you guys took a month off in Paris while in NY? Or did I? Wow, I must really be getting older.