Tuesday, March 1, 2011


dear march,
i'm happy to see you again.
i'm happy to see that you've brought with you
some sunshine for us.
natasha told us today
that they're celebrating the first day of spring
in moldova.  
i know we've got a little ways to go
until we get to that point,
but i see that you are promising
temperatures to go above freezing this weekend?
that's a start for us.
in fact, i saw something dripping from the roof
out the window today in the afternoon sun.
could it be?
is it possible something was melting??
i won't be holding my breath
let alone putting away any hats or mittens,
but don't you go thinking
that i've already forgotten what you did for us
a couple of years ago,
with those unseasonable temperatures
that had us in (gasp) jackets!
i know it was an ugly april following,
but oh we were pleased with your work that year. . .

i've got high hopes for you, march.
i've long waited for you.
don't let me down.

1 comment:

Olgon said...

Как я люблю зиму,снег,морозы! Но в этом году...too much