Friday, March 11, 2011


and so one of our favorite games
as of late
is one we gave to milla on christmas:
children's pictionary.

now i consider avi a very good drawer
for a 4-year-old.
it's a good thing she's easy-going,
because let's just say,
there are easier things in the world
than playing pictionary with a 4-year-old.

and she tries so hard
and she's so cute,
and i love to watch her draw so slowly
and so intently.
and she won't ever tell you that you've guessed right
until she's done drawing her picture.
and so you're naming things
and naming things,
trying your hardest to make sense
of her little picture,
throwing everything out that you can think of,
while she ignores most of your suggestions,
and says no to the rest--
and once in awhile we can guess it right,
but the other times we have to throw up our hands,
and say,
avi, you're doing such a good job,
that's such a great drawing,
but we give up.

and that's when she loves to say,
ice skates!  he's on ice skates!
and that's when we say,
we said that, avi, we said that many times!
and you said no!
and she loves to say,
well, i wasn't done drawing yet!
and we say, okay,
because she'll do the same thing next time, too.

but we just can't kick her off the team,
'cause she's too darn cute.

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40andbeyondbyirene said...

So cute! My family likes Pictionary too, one of our favorites during our Family Game night! :-)