Friday, March 25, 2011


is perhaps my favorite of the jewish holidays
that we celebrate at the school.

the kids wear whatever they want
for the entire week--
all culminating on friday
when they have a big show
that they've been long in preparation for.
the jewish history is so rich,
and their holidays always based on
incredible stories of suffering and triumph.

this year milla was picked to be queen esther
and did a smashing solo dance
for her part,
even if she did have a worried look
and furrowed brow almost the entire time--
the result of 80 pairs of eyes all on her. . .
but we were the proud, smiling 2 pairs in the front row.

while afterward
avi got her own few minutes in the limelight
as a little fairy
doing a dance about making hamantaschen.
with the stirring, the shaking,
the pouring and the brow wiping at the end,
it was almost as cute as it gets.

and already they are in preparation for the next holiday,
which reminds me,
easter is almost just around the corner--
and we are already excited.
even if there is a blizzard outside
and spring feels about as far away as anything.

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Ann said...

They look so gorgeous, terrified, but gorgeous.