Monday, March 14, 2011


thank goodness my children
don't (yet) come up with long, elaborate, exotic
christmas lists.
the year before last
they each asked for one thing from santa.
milla "a princess sticker book,"
and avi--"ice skating."
i'm not sure how or when
the idea ever entered her head,
and it was hard for santa to pull off
emptying that one from his sack christmas eve,
but we made sure to take her soon after christmas.
and let's just say,
it was a fun 10 minutes,
before they were ready to pull those darn blades off
and go swimming instead.

and so, just over a year later,
we decided to give it another shot--
but not without fairly low expectations
as for how long it would last.
i decided to bring the (finally) toddling baby
and watch from the sidelines,
since we were pretty certain
it would be another 10 minute run
and a waste of $40.

were we wrong?
we were wrong.

these little figure skaters
couldn't be cajoled off the ice.
of course, they were aided by
(a master hockey skater father and)
a pair of construction cones--
but they were eating it up.

milla was so proud to be working up a sweat,
cruising back and forth,
back and forth across the rink
(notice avi in the background
and one of her less graceful moments)

and they haven't stopped asking to go back
to the rink
ever since we left it.


Hank said...

it had to happen sometime that they would fall in love with it. don't you remember begging dad to take us? totally dude. about the same age as your girls are... of course they love it. :)

also. you are a craft genius. made my fabric poms this weekend - turned out great. you're brilliant. so glad you taught me how. i'll try to post pictures!

Hank said...

ps: this is obviously not hank. didn't realize he was the one signed in.... doh!