Monday, March 28, 2011

worry less, love more

and as we stood there
in their kitchen
following that warm sunday afternoon supper,
we began to admire the photographs on the wall
of their gorgeous family.
their 6 children,
then their grandchildren. . .

and as we began to talk about
and how it does funny things
like allowing you to bear and raise six children
in just the blink of an eye,
they told us how it seemed to them
almost like a dream.
and to young, naive parents like ourselves,
we stood in awe and admiration
at these seasoned parents
who had given so much,
who had done so much,
and who now stand in such a different phase in life
than ourselves--
looking back on the days
they were in our shoes.
and as we began to picture ourselves
also one day in their shoes,
they shared with us one thought
that his aunt had told him years ago.
and that was,
if she got to raise her children
all over again,
she would have worried about them less,
and loved them more.

those words
were immediately etched into the minds
of both me and alex.
if only we could remember them
every second of every day.
certainly our children
would be much better off.

and so those words
then made it into that empty frame
that was hanging amidst the others on the wall--
hopefully to be at least a daily reminder
of what they need the most.


D.... said...

da eto tochno!!!

gotta remember that.

StrongNHim said...

That is beautiful.

Lindsay Van Orden said...

LOVE this. love this. and so glad i'm learning about it early in my parenthood life. good post sis, good post.