Saturday, April 23, 2011

easter eve

today we planted seeds.
seeds buried into the ground
to give life and rise again,
just as our Savior did.

and this evening
the ones that tell the story
as you prepare the cookies,
then you place them in the warm oven overnight--
to awaken to a surprise
on easter morning!

the girls are going to bed tonight
with great anticipation.

and the easter bunny is bringing them
easter dresses,
for the first time ever!
not to mention
spring has finally arrived in moscow.
not the kind of muddy, rainy, fur jacket & hats spring,
but the real kind, with sunglasses and light jackets
and even a couple of buds on the trees.
what great timing!

happy easter eve!


Marla said...

i was just talking with my seminary class about traditions and what they would like for their family traditions when they grow up ... this sounds like a lovely one.

Yulia G-S said...

Такая идея хорошая с семенами! Надеюсь ее запомнить на будущее :) А что за печеньки с историей???