Monday, April 4, 2011

easter tree

finally april.
finally sun.
finally warm.
finally new life.
finally. . .
the easter tree!

it certainly didn't take as long
as the christmas tree,
about which they were mildly disappointed. . . 
("what else can we decorate it with?")

but we were in such a mood
we then went in to plant our wheat grass

and because they kept asking,
what next?
well, they could only be consoled
with more seasonal activity--
easter coloring pages.

'tis the new season!


Maggie Ann said...

Oh my, its lovely and I too have an 'Easter tree' made of pussy-willows which I hang eggs on. Not as pretty as your eggs though! I just posted a picture of mine too. I can imagine how your children enjoy it! Its a great idea.

Lindsay Van Orden said...

hooray for sunshine for you!!! i am so happy to hear that. you've been under gray skies FOREVER. rad dude. i'm glad spring finally decided to grace Moscow with its presence! :)

SweetpeainFrance said...

Perhaps the children could make their own decorated eggs. Blow an eggshell one hole each end and make scrambled egg or use in a cake, Then decorate the empty eggshell. You can dye it. Check out the internet for ideas. I have a variety of Eastery rabbits, chicks, eggs, baskets, yellow ribbons and bows to hang .. but I only put mine out for a few days and then it is over. have you tried marbling paper and then marbling eggs?

40andbeyondbyirene said...

Hey! love your tree and i got inspired to do one for my home. I mentioned your blog in mine.
You always inspire me Jen! Kind regards!