Sunday, April 24, 2011


9:30 am church
which is 20 minutes away (at high speeds)
makes for an early morning.
especially when it's easter
and you've got a few activities to cover
aside from just getting children up,
dressed, fed and out the door.
and especially when your husband
came rolling in from work at 4:30,
making for a short night of sleep for me anyway,
and then putting me on my own
to do the activities, the feeding, the dressing,
and the getting out the door.
and especially
when there happened to be no hot water this morning.
although maybe you could say
the cold shower helped to jolt me awake?

in any case,
it all came together.
the girls woke up to their new easter dresses
lovingly hung by the easter bunny with care,
and to our resurrection eggs
hidden throughout the room.
they remarked about what a "good hider"
the easter bunny is
and were ecstatic about the chocolate egg
and chocolate coin that he brought.

we opened the oven to find our resurrection cookies
baked and ready for eating.
and then over our granola
we opened all the eggs
and read the corresponding scriptures
about Christ's atonement
and resurrection.
then we hustled ourselves to get ready for church.
and even had a couple minutes
to snap a couple of easter photos
before hopping into the car.

the day happened to be the warmest, sunniest
and loveliest that we've seen since italy.
we spent the afternoon reading books
and busying ourselves to get ready for an easter dinner.
on the menu:
roasted beets & arugula with goat cheese
deviled eggs (of course!)
mustard-baked chicken
sauteed asparagus with lemon
potato, red onion & fresh thyme tart
and for dessert:

alex's family joined us
for a festive easter evening
which put an end to our week's attempts
to honor the real easter.

and with the clink-clank from the kitchen
just finishing up
i sign off for a day or two of rest.

He is risen!


Rebecca said...

You are such a chef extraordinaire! I'm making ham and funeral potatoes. How's that for gourmet Americana style! And now I'm feeling guilty looking at your beautiful table as I'm planning on busting out the paper plates. But in my defense, we opted to invite a couple of large families over, last minute, and so we are opting for company rather than luxury. At least that's the excuse I'm sticking with!

40andbeyondbyirene said...

Happy Easter Jen! Love your table setting, especially the placemats and goblets!

Ann said...

The kids look gorgeous and wow, bonus points for getting a pic in. And I made roasted beets with goat cheese and arugula too! Great minds think alike....

Marla said...

beautiful children. i love the background of this photo. and what a lovely easter dinner feast!

Amy Asay said...

Oh my gosh those kids are gorgeous! I love your ideas, Jen. Thanks for sharing :-)