Wednesday, April 6, 2011


my thoughts on the russian medical philosophy.
there's still a whole lot
that i don't believe in,
and plenty of room to grow
in the trust department.
usually i can trust their assessment,
but when it comes to their approach
to remedies--
well, i admit, i roll my eyes
every time they get out their pen and paper.
just last week they prescribed my baby
8 medicines for his cold.

and so when i got home from the consultation
with that ENT specialist
and started reviewing her ideas
for my dealing with the remains
of that beastly ear(s) infection i had in december,
well, i was pleasantly surprised
to see her eastern approach.
she prescribed me a handful of herbal/homeopathics,
as well as some needle poking.

i was a bit wary
as we sat down with a translator
and that doctor imported from china
as he felt my pulse and examined my tongue.
but these people
have got to be on to something after all these years.
it's certainly far from amusement
and perhaps not for the faint of heart--
not to mention
frankenstein may not be my best look--

but it definitely beats knocking off
that list of 10 drugs i was prescribed.


marlamuppets said...

you are so lovely!

get better soon.

Kari Clark said...

So did it work? I'm not sure that I'm that brave! OK, I know I'm not. But I have to know if it worked?

Lindsay Van Orden said...

i'm a total believer in accupuncture. i have heard tons of stories about it working wonders for people. super cool that you actually did it. and yes, of course we're all wondering if it worked...

Shannon said...

yikes, Russian MD's combined with Chinese MD's sounds like a nightmare to me. Hope it helped. They do the same thing here, 10 meds for a simple cold and all kinds of crazy remedies. i do think accupuncture has some value though. My dad, who is way anti-meds and anti Dr's swears by it.