Tuesday, April 19, 2011

parable of the ten virgins

three days before passover,
Christ teaches in the temple
a handful of parables.

we first spent some time choosing our outfits,
and then adjourned to the kitchen
to craft our lamps--
and then we were ready to put on our show
of the parable of the ten virgins.

of course it's a little difficult
with just the four of us,
but with my narration from matthew 25:1-13,
our two wise virgins
slumbering, and then sauntering to the marriage
after refusing to give of their oil,
the little bridegroom came through the door
at just the right time
to let them in,
and we pulled it off just fine.

then we talked about who the real bridegroom is,
and how He will return to earth again one day,
and about what it means to be ready.

1 comment:

JaneH said...

Your little ones are so luckie to have you for a mother.
What a beautiful way to teach them about the Easter season.
Love you Guys