Tuesday, April 12, 2011

quail eggs

one must be a wee bit concerned
about the sanitary nature of such an activity:
i mean,
they were only just rinsed with water,
and they did come out of a little birdie
and we do live in russia
and there i was putting my mouth all over the things
to blow out the insides--
and inevitably some of that raw stuff is working its way
into my mouth,
which of course i'd try to wipe out
but then there's alex going about making dinner
nearby in the kitchen,
while i'm doing my thing
and he's a tad grossed out by it all
and said over my dead body would we eat those things,
and aren't you sad for the little birdies,
and are you sure you should be putting your mouth
on those things,
and i hope this doesn't make you sick . . .

but then
even alex
was the first to admit
just how lovely they are
sitting atop our kitchen table. . .


Rebecca said...

Yep - I'd be grossed out too but the finished product is nice. Really pretty eggs! Would you like to do some for me too?

Maggie Ann said...

Your quail eggs are beautiful and beautifully photographed too. You have the makings of a medical person....blowing those gooey things out. No kisses for you that afternoon/morning, I'm guessing....lol. Oh well, now you have something very special to enjoy for years to come. Happy Easter!