Friday, April 8, 2011

seasonal love

seasonal love:

i'm sure you can find these in the states,
but it took moving abroad
for me to find them.
and this season i can't get enough of them.

in the winter it was the hachiya variety--
one that has to be fully ripened and really soft
before eating
(one makes the mistake of eating an underripe one
only once)
but now their season is over
and i've moved onto the fuyu variety.
they can be eaten while still firm
and have no seeds, nothing to peel,
i wash, slice,
and dive in to sugary sweet goodness
every day.


Mindi said...

I discovered and enjoyed them while in Israel, but once back in the states, they did not seem to taste as good. Maybe it was a different variety. When it did not meet my expectations, I did not ever give it another chance... maybe I should?

Yulia G-S said...

Those are my FA-VO-RI-TE fruits! ahhhhhhh. Such a struggle to find them here in the states every fall-winter :(