Friday, April 22, 2011

stories of His life

i guess this year
you could say i took a bit more of a
funeral-approach to this day.

at a funeral you wouldn't hardly even mention
the death of the person--
you focus on the life.

i remember last year i told them a little bit
about what happened on His last day,
and how He died on a cross.
but this year i decided,
with their young age and all
that none of those details are too necessary.
so instead we briefly mentioned
that this is the day that He died
(the day after passover, long ago)--
and then we each took turns sharing
our favorite story from Christ's mortal life.

milla shared about the brother of Jared
(okay, which stretched the rules a bit),
i shared about His calming of the sea,
avi shared about His feeding the five thousand,
and alex about His walking on water.

it was powerful
to focus on what was coming to an end,
rather than how it came to an end.


Lindsay Van Orden said...

also on a totally unrelated note... will you please post a straight on head shot of avi? i want to see her hair! it looks really cute but i can't ever tell exactly how it's cut.

and LOVE your approach to easter this year. you are a mom genius jen. no, seriously. you are.

happyfamily said...

I remember that you did this last year and I told myself to do it this year. Now I have to tell myself harder to do it NEXT year. I love the things that you do with your family, and thank you for sharing them with us. You are a wonderful mom

Olgon said...

Это грандиозно-какой богатой духовной жизнью живете вы!

Marla said...

thank you for this story!

i have been so concerned about the way Easter is treated by so many Christians... the whole Mel Gibson movie has wrecked so many. It's so full of the crucifixion that there is no room for the resurrection.

have a lovely Easter. xooox