Friday, April 29, 2011

the street

i've got a new babysitter.

it's called the street.

and don't worry,
i don't mean that in a ghetto sort of way.
i mean that my 18-month-old
has a newfound fascination
with sitting on the windowsill
and watching all the comings and goings
going on four flights below
on the street.

the first day we sat together--
i love our big, deep windowsills--
for several long periods,
and he couldn't be coaxed away.
now he asks me to get him up there
all the time.
and today between his window
and the window on the balcony,
he gave me a good, full, undisturbed hour
of floor scrubbing and dusting,
while he was perfectly and happily entertained
by his new babysitter.


Marla said...

that is adorable!! i love it. my little one would love watching the street too. funny what amazes them!

Carrie said...

love it!

Rachel said...

Jen, I adore you! And I very often think of you. Enjoy the new found free time!

Maggie Ann said...

What a sweet picture...even I can remember way back when our children were little, how valuable a bit of free time was.

Mindi said...

a true boy!