Tuesday, May 3, 2011


and now finally
only in this season
have we been able to get more use out of that
large enclosed balcony
than a catch-all
for the entire apartment
and a massive freezer
which has not only served
as an extension of our refrigerator in winter
but even managed to crack
a few of our 19-liter water bottles
during some of those suuuuuper cold weeks.

now the weather has turned favorable
and the kids have found themselves drawn to it.
and so i've had to focus some of my spring cleaning
in this space,
and with the ladder and the suitcases and the firewood
squeezed down on the ends,
they don't seem to mind,
with all that empty space in between--
it's perfect for races,
for rolling the empty water bottles,
for painting pictures,
and afternoon tea parties.

1 comment:

Maggie Ann said...

Is there anything as precious as a happy childhood? How sweet and I noticed the tiarra and the small size tea things. Charming....as your post title truly describes.