Wednesday, May 4, 2011


i don't break the mold in this area too often,
but it was a holiday.

avi had put in a request for muffins
not too long ago
and i had those blueberries in the freezer. . .
were whipped up that morning
along side the oatmeal.
they were about as good
as the title of the recipe suggests.

our breakfasts have definitely evolved
over the years.
back in the day
i used to be able to get away with
giving them oatmeal
while i poured myself a bowl
of my favorite grapenuts.
nowadays i can't even put a sprinkle of sugar
on my oatmeal without them noticing
and saying, hey that's not fair!

and for awhile there
i would wake up every day and decide on the spot
what breakfast struck our fancy,
but when the groans and moans
became too often and were giving us a rough start
to too many days,
we have settled in to a "breakfast schedule,"
which has drastically reduced
the amount of whining and crying
over what we are having for breakfast.

monday: oatmeal with raisins and cinnamon
(and a tiny sprinkle of brown sugar!)
tuesday: cold cereal with sliced banana
wednesday: cream of wheat with milk & raisins
thursday: eggs-- either soft boiled with toast
(a childhood favorite)
or vegetarian croque madames
friday: four-grain hot cereal with raisins
saturday: waffles or pancakes (ie sugar fest)
sunday: granola with yogurt & sliced banana

i have long gone back and forth
over the question about schedules and order
and what impact it has on family life
and especially my job as a mother.
but in this case,
the schedule was definitely freeing.

what do you think?
does a schedule free you or bind you?
does order simplify or complicate your life?


Rebecca said...

Hmmm...I think in some ways it frees you and when it comes to cooking/planning (which are the two chores I hate) a schedule like that would be heaven. Have you been able to master a dinner schedule?

Maggie Ann said...

I think a schedule gives us a wiser use of time...and we get more done. Untill we need the luxury of meandering through a day. Your breakfast schedule is a good plan.

Jill said...

I love a schedule. Right now we're still getting by on the oatmeal every morning, but Jane is starting to clue in on the wonders of pancakes so I don't think I will win much longer.

Dinner schedules are brilliant. I have had friends tell me how in their family the dinner calendar saves them because you can't fight what's on the calendar, it just is! I love them for meal planning/grocery shopping.

40andbeyondbyirene said...

Thought a menu would always keep things in order and easier for busy moms. I used to keep a month long menu with breakfast, school lunch and dinner everyday. It was a lot easier to do the grocery!But now kids are bigger, we're more spontaneous with our meal choices. :-)