Monday, May 23, 2011

little americans

sometimes it surprises me
how un-russian
i think my children consider themselves.
being 1/2 russian by blood,
having only ever known living in russia,
speaking russian,
attending a russian school. . .
and only making a year-and-a-half-ly trip
back to the states to visit family,
and still,
when they are asked,
they proudly claim to be americans.
the only thing i can begin to point a finger at
is the fact that we mostly speak english at home.
and sometimes i wonder
how it would have been different
if we spoke mostly russian instead.
how do such young children
go about discovering and defining their identity?
especially when it comes to something
as complex as nationality?
and i wonder if our moving somewhere else
will change any of that.

in the meantime
we are neck-deep in preparations
and plan making
for summer trips.
last night at 2:00 am
as we were exploring every single option out there
we considered the idea of leaving tomorrow.
it was a good price!
but alas, i think we will wait until next week.

and now, friends,
tell me, who i can see in colorado or utah
in july or august?


Amanda said...

That really is interesting. You had them all in the US, right? I wondered what you spoke at home. It will be fun to see how they walk when they're older. I remember the Russians saying you could tell an American by their walk. Anyway ...
I'll likely be in Utah in July with the family. I'll keep you posted. I'd loooove to catch up.

Julie said...

We'll be in SLC in July and August and would love to see you all!

D.... said...

you will see me...
not as much as i would like

DeAnn said...

I'll be in Utah in August...

Susan said...

Oh they are adorable. I wonder if children are more likely to identify themselves in terms of their mother??? Maybe, at this age, anyway.

Rebecca said...

we'll be in Utah over the 4th of July...when will you be around?

Kari Clark said...

When you guys come to Colorado, Ana would LOVE to have a playdate! Let us know when you get here...

Christine said...

We are always here in Utah. COME! We can have an ILP reunion. I know Mel is planning on moving back sometime in August???

Carrie said...

would love to get together when you're in Utah if schedule permits : ) have fun in your travels!

mer said...

ME ME ME ME!!!! Jen we'll be in Utah and in Colorado starting the end of this week, beginning of July. How soon in July will you be around?

I simply MUST see you and your little family. I've been thinking about you and am dying to catch up in person and to meet your two littlest.