Thursday, June 30, 2011


it was lovely this year
to have a whole new area to feel our way around.
as it almost felt like
we'd seen all there was to see
and done all there was to do in the loire valley--
we had all of provence
to run around.

of course there are some things
that you'll find everywhere in france,
much to my childrens' liking:
the carousels.

but we also hit
a bunch of museums--
which is also one of my favorite things
about traveling with kids.
aside from the many art museums
featuring picasso, van gogh, paul klee,
degas, modigliani and other favorites,
we found the museum of aromas & perfumes
(next to our property),

the vintage bicycle & motorcycle museum
in this lovely chateau

the old turn-of-the-century farm,

and the abbey st. michel de frigolet,
among others.

the fountains on the streets
you can also find anywhere
and were a welcome splash for the kids
on the warm days.

and the boulangeries & patisseries?
well, those are good everywhere in france.

ask this little guy.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

le breuil

so we stayed
in an old renovated farmhouse
on the expansive property
of a 15th century castle.

it was a unique
and of course stunningly picturesque landscape,
complete with working farm,
wheat and sunflower fields,
15th century trees,
old farmhouse buildings,
and old mill,
a little old winery with scattered winepresses,
and of course a pool
which sat next to the castle
and caused one to ponder on the reality
of such magnificence in which she found herself
somehow in the middle
(while making sure none of the three little ones
made any more unwanted plunges
into the water--
especially that baby who
just loved the diving board),
it was a fairy tale,
as happens to be so easy to find
in that country we can't stay away from.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

back in the u.s. of a.

and not that we were just dying
to get out of the south of france
but the states
does have a few things to offer us:
a garbage disposal
parking lots
barnes & noble
walking outside in barefeet
highways and open roads
cheap berries
cheap everything for that matter
and of course
first and foremost
family and friends nonstop.

that 10-hour flight on my own with the kids
just may have been worth it!

don't worry.
photos of france forthcoming.
i myself need to keep reveling
in everything that country has to offer. . .

Thursday, June 9, 2011

roman ruins

and so the internet turned out to be
not even as great as i had it in italy.
so, alright,
i'll enjoy the break from a connection
to the outside world for a bit.

but one of the greatest things
about taking your kids places like this
is the chance to teach them
history & culture
up close and personal.
this area has a bunch of roman ruins
that we've been exploring
like the pont du gard,
and the arena and temple in nimes.

the weather has taken a turn for the better--
it's warm and partly cloudy
with a cool breeze
which has even allowed for a few days
relaxing at the pool.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


i admit
i've looked forward to being here again
since the day we left last year.

this year has taken us
to the south of france--
namely provence.

i wouldn't say the weather is exactly
what we planned for
(i.e. runs to the store for sweaters)
but we aren't minding a bit.  
the swimming pool can wait.

we've got mussels & fries to devour
village lanes to stroll
fountains to dip our fingers in
and van gogh's path to follow.

internet is not in the house.
it could end up being some set up like that.
but i don't think there are any foxes around. . .