Tuesday, June 21, 2011

back in the u.s. of a.

and not that we were just dying
to get out of the south of france
but the states
does have a few things to offer us:
a garbage disposal
parking lots
barnes & noble
walking outside in barefeet
highways and open roads
cheap berries
cheap everything for that matter
and of course
first and foremost
family and friends nonstop.

that 10-hour flight on my own with the kids
just may have been worth it!

don't worry.
photos of france forthcoming.
i myself need to keep reveling
in everything that country has to offer. . .


Rebecca said...

so...will you happen to be in Utah around the 4th? It would be great to see you:)

Ann said...

Welcome home. Call us if you're close and have even a moment to spare.

Lindsay Van Orden said...

hooray for coming home for a while! so glad we can take advantage and spend some time together. i wish it was more often than once every 18 months...!