Thursday, June 9, 2011

roman ruins

and so the internet turned out to be
not even as great as i had it in italy.
so, alright,
i'll enjoy the break from a connection
to the outside world for a bit.

but one of the greatest things
about taking your kids places like this
is the chance to teach them
history & culture
up close and personal.
this area has a bunch of roman ruins
that we've been exploring
like the pont du gard,
and the arena and temple in nimes.

the weather has taken a turn for the better--
it's warm and partly cloudy
with a cool breeze
which has even allowed for a few days
relaxing at the pool.


silverfinofhope said...

The photo of the white columns is truly magical!!

Rachel said...

I want to find that tree...what a beautiful beautiful tree... And I want to find that family :) We will need to see each other when we join you across the waters.

Maggie Ann said...

How blessed your family is to experience this trip. I can't even imagine it, but certainly enjoyed your post.