Thursday, July 21, 2011

provence II

okay, and a month later
you get the last half of provence.
it already feels like a year ago.

and then, if you haven't noticed,
i'm taking the rest of the summer off--
enjoying time with friends & family!


Sue said...


No wonder the French are so proud of themselves.


Maggie Ann said...

Incredible! Thanks for sharing. You've been all of these places this summer....and I thought I was having a great summer lol.... & I am! Hope you have a wonderfull 'rest of the summer'.

Ann said...

Jen, your pictures....they're amazing. Enjoy your summer but hurry back. :)

silverfinofhope said...

Jen! The lavender...does the scent waft through everywhere? Goodness it just seems like a dream.

Swigs and Grinds said...

Awww man! I am so living vicariously through you! So if, when you are galavanting through all of these breathtaking places, you look over your shoulder and creepily feel like someone is watching you... fear not - it's just me, the Swigs and Grinds chick, stuck on a rock in Hawaii (could be worse, I know) longing for summer days abroad. Wishing you wonderful memories and sending you gratitude for sharing!

Mindi said...

You know you are living a storybook life! :) ... or so it appears. I'm sorry to miss you this summer. Good to see a new post... I'm so behind. We're still stateside, until saturday anyway. Hopefully visas will come through and we will be off! Finally.

LKC said...

I think you've had enough of a break now. Start blogging again!