Thursday, June 30, 2011


it was lovely this year
to have a whole new area to feel our way around.
as it almost felt like
we'd seen all there was to see
and done all there was to do in the loire valley--
we had all of provence
to run around.

of course there are some things
that you'll find everywhere in france,
much to my childrens' liking:
the carousels.

but we also hit
a bunch of museums--
which is also one of my favorite things
about traveling with kids.
aside from the many art museums
featuring picasso, van gogh, paul klee,
degas, modigliani and other favorites,
we found the museum of aromas & perfumes
(next to our property),

the vintage bicycle & motorcycle museum
in this lovely chateau

the old turn-of-the-century farm,

and the abbey st. michel de frigolet,
among others.

the fountains on the streets
you can also find anywhere
and were a welcome splash for the kids
on the warm days.

and the boulangeries & patisseries?
well, those are good everywhere in france.

ask this little guy.


SweetpeainFrance said...

Lucky you! How splendid!

Anonymous said...

more to come... i hope

keep posting these pretty pictures for all of us

D.... said...

Where are more pictures?

Sue said...

Can't believe how much they have grown up since I visited last.