Friday, August 26, 2011


 is it already friday?
how did that happen?
we were supposed to be done with our
afternoon naps by now--
but i confess even i am still taking them.
but now,
with the baby going on 3 1/2 hours
instead of thinking about dinner
as i should be,
i'm making myself a cup of tea
and sorting through the summer's memories.

we didn't sit still much on this trip.
and aside from the going back and forth
between colorado and utah,
we went up to jackson, wyoming
and into yellowstone
for an intimate and all-too-short
family reunion.
and this is also where we met daddy
after 6 long weeks!

the girls and their cousins
love every minute of together.

the falls on the hike above jenny lake

and of course old faithful,
which i haven't seen in some 27 years.
he's still faithful.

and this is milla and i reuniting
after we left her at the old faithful lodge 
and headed down the road.  whoopsie!
thankfully she only thought she had gotten lost,
and didn't see us driving away
(we were in two cars, in our defense,
and each thought the other had her--
happens, right?)
so she was not traumatized,
in fact she loves retelling the story.

the kids spotting fish
at big springs, idaho

bear world!

america is awesome.
i can't say i wish i lived there (yet),
but what a place.

(i said "yet," mom!  "yet!")


Sue said...

We left my little sister for the same reason once, at a gas station somewhere between California and Utah. We had two cars, and each thought the other had her.

Yep, it happens!


Sweetpea in France said...

Wonderful photos... now keep an eye on 'em bears!