Monday, August 29, 2011


so like i said,
we didn't do a whole lot of sitting around
this summer.
in fact,
at one point we were in 6 states
in 6 days.
the sixth was hawaii--
on a bit of a "the-stars-just-aligned" whim
(and thanks to two very-dear-to-us souls).

neither of us had ever been to hawaii,
and with the length of our
summer trips these days
i thought four days would go by in the blink of an eye,
but actually i felt like
we packed plenty of activity in
and really even had a chance
to get a bit of a feel for the island.

even at four days,
it was so worth it.

we kayaked and hiked,

 alex finally got to try surfing
and paddle boarding.

we took a boating/snorkeling trip
along the napali coast.

 relaxed on the beach
and by the pool,
and dined at dusk.

 and then,
we took a helicopter tour
of the island.
which went into the top 10
coolest things i've ever done
the second we lifted off.
it. was. incredible.

and that, my friends,
concludes just about everything noteworthy,
or should i say photo-worthy,
of our trip to the states this summer.

was spending so much time
with all the people i love the most.
you, family,
and you, dear friends!
our summer was excellent.

and now,
it's on to a new (school) year!!!


Rebecca said...

Wow! You really were everywhere! We did Kauai for our's was far too long ago. Beautiful place and yes, the helicopter tour is awesome!

Kimberly June said...

Sigh.... I love Kauai with all my heart. Beautiful photographs.

Sweetpea in France said...

Aren't you all lucky bunnies!

Amy said...

Jer and I spent our honeymoon on Kauai! Unfortunately, he didn't think sunscreen was a good idea... So glad you got to spend some time with Alex. You guys are such a wonderful couple. I am glad to have gotten to see you twice this summer.