Monday, August 22, 2011

like the dead

"is it still monday?"
she asks me at 11:50 pm,
after having stayed up all night
then waking from a 3-hour morning nap.
now she's back to sleep.

without having gone through a similar ordeal yourself,
it may be hard to imagine the chaos
that traveling 10-time zones in one day
can wreak on your body.
especially the little ones.
that first night we rolled in at 3am,
partied until 6, then slept until 4pm
like the dead.
the next night we were out for sushi with the kids
at midnight,
bathing them at 2am, and putting them down at 3am.
although i myself couldn't get to sleep
until 10am, when i sent alex and the baby off to church.

and so i thought we were on a roll,
gradually shifting back the body clock
a few hours every night,
however last night, 
after going down around 1:00,
the baby awoke us at 3:00
when i found the girls sitting with the lights on
in a pile of books waist-deep in their room.
and after a futile attempt
to put the baby back down,
we were all up for good, like it or not.

and now, with the baby down for his nap finally
(which could be 8 hours, if i don't stop it),
milla crashed again on the sofa,
all the unpacking and laundry and ironing done,
avi refuses to sleep.

we're back in the u.s.s.r!

and it's back to life,
back to reality!


Ann said...

Ugh....good luck.

Kari Clark said...

It was so much fun to see you guys! Thanks for letting the girls get together. Good luck with the sleep!