Thursday, September 22, 2011

chalk canvas

this last move
(one year ago)
gave us something invaluable
and very hard to come by
in the center of moscow:
a gated parking area
(our own covered spot!),
and little private playground area for the kids.
now of course it's
far less glamorous than it sounds,
but for us
it's dreamy.
i remember far too well
the days of driving up to our house
with a car full of groceries
and two small children
(one a babe in arms)
only to have to drive around the block a few times
and settle on a spot clear around the corner
from our building.

now we can leave the building
without fear of the children
darting out into traffic

we can always count on a parking space.
i don't have to worry about my kids wandering
off of the playground
while i'm not looking. . .

and of course
we have a big huge canvas
for chalk drawings--
all to ourselves.


SweetpeainFrance said...

Wow.... a princess!

LKC said...

The thought of you driving around for a parking spot with groceries and kids nauseates me. I'm glad you have a COVERED parking spot. And if Andreas drew that elephant, I think you need to enroll him in art school, stat! Still looking for a place for you in our neighborhood. xo

Maggie Ann said...

You have such a postivie outlook....that is very nice. It looks like the children are enjoying the chalks.

Sue said...

Looks like your daughter has inherited some of your talent for all things artistic!