Tuesday, September 13, 2011

changing already

when they told me last night
that mid-october would be the perfect time
to catch the leaves changing in vermont,
i thought of what is already going on
outside my windows now.
and in between dreamy thoughts
of making a trip back to the eastern u.s.--
not only to see favorite friends
but to get a hit
of the city i could never get enough of--
the reality of my city
and the impending winter
was seeping in.

if i could count the number of songs i have heard
in russian
with the words кончается лето
(summer is ending)
there just could be a hundred thousand.
for a country that sustains
such a ruthless and seemingly endless winter
every year,
fall is ever too soon and ever too quick.

my mother-in-law was right
when she told me
those light jackets i bought in france
for the girls
wouldn't get much use.
because we go from shorts weather
to coat weather in just a matter of weeks.

and while it's rain rain rain right now,
we are still holding on to the hope
of the indian summer.
nature is usually kind enough
to allow us at least that.

1 comment:

Susan said...

You in Moscow, me in Oxford, Mississippi - it's not perfect, is it? Remember when we both lived in Arvada? Enjoy the good weather when you have it! After a summer of oppressive heat, I am happy to enjoy every minute of our Indian summer/autumn which often stretches into November!