Wednesday, September 21, 2011

monkey challah

the first time
i had monkey bread
was on new years day
in a cozy cabin
with a fresh blanket of snow outside
and a crystal clear blue sky.
they were sticky, gooey, and delectable--
and were the perfect sustenance
for a morning of sledding
and angel-making in the snow.

we attempted it ourselves
this cool fall--
when milla found
a monkey bread version of a challah recipe
in her jewish traditions book.
and while the recipe itself
was not like that mastered version
i tasted at the cabin that morning,
the activity
got scrawled down
as a perfect one for their involvement.

the dough is quick & easy,
and then of course their favorite part,
the ball rolling.

and now if i can get my hands
on that other recipe,
it may just have to become a new years tradition
for us, too.


Mindi said...

I'd love to know the recipe you used.. the only kind I've ever made was with Pillsbury rolls in a can. Not available where I am. What did you use? Just a bread recipe? I have always loved sticky, gooey monkey balls! :)

Sue said...

Oh, I do love monkey bread. And I'd love the recipe for yours!


silverfinofhope said...

My mother makes a version with a small square of cream cheese pinched deep in each roll of dough dough before baking. I think she saw it on Paula Deen (it's called Gorilla Bread). I've thought of adding a bit of ricotta instead of cream cheese.