Tuesday, September 27, 2011


it was november 2 of last year
when i saw it for the first time.
i snapped a photo of it on my iphone
in my favorite store,
took note of the ugly price tag,
but said to it anyway:
i must own you.

but how to pull it off?
my first thoughts
(as many creative people's are)
were: i can make that!. . .  uh. . . right?
but the more i pondered it
the more i realized how hideous my attempt would look
compared to the real thing.
so thoughts turned to the internet.
surely, it's sold somewhere else in the world,
as everywhere is cheaper than here.
and i think it was alex (as usual)
who thought to check amazon.
of course!
everything is sold on amazon--
(lest you who have access take it for granted!)
and alas, it was on amazon--
of course for 1/3 the price here.
but how to get it here???
i spent months exploring options
or waiting for some kind soul
who was making a trip to the states to haul it back for me--
but all in vain.

so how, then,
you may ask,
did it finally end up in your baby's room?
well. . .
let's just say,
it was a slightly belated 35th birthday surprise
from an uber-cool and thoughtful

how did i get so lucky?


dasha_fridlander said...

I love you!

Shaik said...

Love the post! For some reasons i just love the look of that!

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mer said...

yay! so glad you finally got it jen. looks great.