Thursday, September 15, 2011


when i so often feel that tap-tap
with that tiny hand with fingers spread wide
i look down to see him saying mama mama
and holding a book in the other hand--
and i know where we're headed.
i stand up and he makes certain
to grab my pointer finger with his fist
and lead me to the chair
where he taps with that hand splayed open
once again,
this time on the chair
to indicate what i am to do.
but i already know--
we do this many times a day.
i proceed to sit
then he climbs into my lap
and we read one of his favorites
like sunday with seurat
hippos go berserk!
and he asks for it again and again and again.
and when he's finally done,
he instructs me (without words)
to set it in the pile
while he runs for another one.
and we do this over and over again.

if there's one thing i've tried to give my children,
it's a love of reading.
and i can't even claim to be the best reader myself--
i'm certainly not.
but from the days of reading
on the day you were born
to milla
when she was just a few days old,
i have read to them
almost every single day.
i like games,
i like going to the park,
i like crafting. . .
but reading will always be
something. . .

something. . .



happyfamily said...

Amen. Reading is definitely our thing.

Sue said...

Our family is the same. As adults, my kids still love to will yours.


Sweetpea in France said...

It is the best gift you can give them ... apart from love and confidence!