Thursday, September 8, 2011

who am i?

this year there was no taking advantage
of america's gargantuan craft stores.
i was never in one place long enough
to begin any project.

but one thing i did do
was pull together a who am i? game
that was a hit
at the family reunion.

each person fills out a questionnaire
which are then posted around the walls
with envelopes attached at the bottom.

then each person is given
a little stack of names
(color-coded so the scorer knows
whose vote is whose)
which they drop into the envelopes
of the questionnaires--
their vote as to who that person is.

it was a hoot.
and how else would we have known
that all five children in my family
think that cleaning public restrooms
is the world's worst job?

let me know if you want the questionnaire.


Melanie said...

What a fun idea! I would love the questionnaire!!

Sue said...

I would like a copy of it, too!


LKC said...

I want it.

Kari Clark said...

I am actually planning our family's reunion this next year and would love to have the questionnaire! Thanks!

Colby said...

:) would love one!

Sweetpea in France said...

But having been a cleaner, helping out a friend, I can tell you that there is actually a great sense of pride and service to be had in making a house clean and neat for its residents. Now in my previous job as a teacher I would never have thought about that except of course that teaching is also a SERVICE of a different kind. Many jobs are very important and for all those, including me, who stay in hotels etc I think it is very important to respect those who clean as well as those who keep our streets and public buildings respectable. There would be a whole lot more detritus in the world without these very important people who are paid very little. Thankfully, I am not cleaning anymore but it was fun at the time and we were always treated well.

Saying that I too would appreciate a copy if only to find out who I am!!!

emsb said...

I'd love the questionnaire, too! Sounds like fun!