Thursday, October 27, 2011

culinary students

i think it was the first time
that i had three culinary students
crammed into my kitchen,
or into my personal cooking space--
which as it is, is only 24 inches wide--
leaving barely enough room for the bowl, and my elbow.
there was a time when the girls wanted to help me cook
every single thing.
that phase actually lasted a long time,
and sometimes i would dream of the days
i could just sit and cook in peace & quiet
while they happily played in their room.
but anytime i am pulling out sugar,
they are anxious to be involved.
and that little brother?
well, he's now old enough
to want to be involved in everything they are.
and so he was climbing up on chairs,
and then over milla
to get as close as he could to the action.
and hey,
since it's his birthday cupcakes
we were whipping up,
he was allowed.
we did run into problems
when it came time to lick the beaters.
there are only two!
and so he was relegated
to opening up and saying ahhhh!
like he does
every time he wants a bit
of whatever it is you're eating.
and milla was nice enough to share her beater.

i mean, they do share a birthday and all.
they may as well share a beater.


Ann said...

I love this. You captured one of those moments that makes it all worth it. Awesome. And you look great in those jeans. :)

emsb said...

Hope the birthday celebration was fun!

christine said...

Happy birthday (belated) to your 2 cute munchkins! Hope they had a great day!