Wednesday, October 26, 2011

way back in september

my only decent excuse
for the long absence is a little trip
i took all by myself
to new york city--
just to reaffirm to myself
that i did, indeed, leave my heart there.

but other than that,
it's just being busy and being lazy all in one.

as i scrolled back through my pics
i was thinking,
wow!  look how not-so-long-ago
we were still able to wear sweaters
and bare feet in little ballet flats!
i remember that evening
we strolled across the river,
met dad,
and had dinner on the roof
of the old chocolate factory
in the fresh open air.
it in fact turned out to be
much longer ago than i had thought,
both proving to me
that time has gotten away from me,
and also that, no,
you cannot get away with sweaters and ballet flats
in moscow in october--
that night was clear back on sept. 14.

but it was still a lovely night,
even if it was so long ago.
and now, my friends,
the holiday season has begun in full force!


Sue said...

Your girls are, as always, darling.


Anonymous said...

you write so well...
glad to have you back

Rachel said...

I wish I could have been in NY, just to see you :) How was the City?