Tuesday, November 22, 2011

all for us!

this is our humble little courtyard.

it may not look like much to you,
but to us it's awesome.

when we moved in a year ago,
it was nothing more than dirt
and a little sandbox.
in the springtime
they brought in that old swing on the right.
and just recently
they put in the rubber covering
and a brand-new playground.
now i won't say anything
about the mayor's new bus lane (shaking fist)
but i will commend him
on putting this playground in just for us
(since we happen to have the only children
in the building).

woo hoo!!!


emsb said...

Wow, looks great to me. Love that soft flooring! And...maybe this will attract some other families to your building? Have fun!

LKC said...

Oh my! That is amazing! Seriously, I feel so happy for you, because I know how nasty scary most of those old ploshadkas are. This is a big deal!!