Thursday, November 3, 2011

andreas' birthday

we tried last year
to have one big party
for all three kids,
although when they were born
so close together i swore i'd never do it.

but when the third was born
on the first's birthday,
and when they have all the same friends anyway,
it almost seemed to make sense,
rather than invite all the same people
10 days apart.
so we held it on the 28th,
the birthday of the two,
and then made sure to do lots of fun things
and even have another cake
on avi's birthday, 10 days later.
but she always referred to the party
as "milla's party," anyway.
and i knew that plan wasn't going to work anymore.
and so 3 parties it was/is.

we started the festivities on friday--
while the girls were at school
andreas and i took a stroll to the park
where we did his favorite thing:
watching the horses at the riding school.

then we bought
a bunch of balloons,
which he had no problem hogging to himself.

we opened some presents.

we blew out candles on our cupcakes

and then we went to the circus.

and with that,
our little baby turned 2,
never to return to 1 again.


Sue said...

What a beautiful post this is...the photos...the music...the birthday boy.


Amy Asay said...

So cute, Jen. Sad to let your baby go and get older. By the way, I love his little corner :-)

mikeandmarina said...

Jen, I love your blog. I love keeping up with your life. I love how you love and enjoy your children. You are so artistic with your writing and pictures. I feel inspired by your artistry. Love and miss you.