Tuesday, November 15, 2011

avi's day

this summer her cousin
had a bowling birthday party.
if only she hadn't sprained her ankle
the day before,
jumping off of that table with her cousin,
she may have been in better form
for such an activity.
of course nothing stops children.
we wheeled her there in a stroller--
and every time it was her turn to bowl,
her cousins would wheel her up to the lane,
set her ball up on the ramp
and she'd push it down on its way
toward those pins
with perfect satisfaction
at being part of the group,
despite a temporary handicap.

this time of year
it was her turn to be in the spotlight--
and she chose a bowling party.
in these parts such a thing is a bit novel,
as i think all the russians were attending
their first ever bowling party.
and because of that
let's just say
it was a bit "chaotic" . . .
we did get the names up there on the board,
but it was pretty much anyone throws a ball
whenever they want
as long as the pins don't happen to be getting reset.

we also had pippi longstocking there
to entertain the kids
when they weren't busy dropping 10-lb. balls
(i still can't believe my 2-year-old
didn't get a foot broken).
i tell you,
hiring those entertainers is some of the 
smartest birthday decisions we've made. . .

and then there was the mille-feuille cake
which we requested with extra whipped cream
that i'm not ashamed to say
i had two or three pieces of.
and with her name scrawled across the front,
well her little 5-year-old heart
was perfectly content.

and the packing up of the gifts
and the untying of the balloons to take home
officially marked the end
of another round of birthdays,
for another year gone by!

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Eldon and Yulia said...

Wow, she's 5! Nichego sebe! Pozdravlyayu, mama!