Friday, November 25, 2011


thanksgiving is all about blessings.
family and memories.
it's not about the fact that
the beverly hills diner's version
of a thanksgiving dinner
paled in comparison to a home-cooked one,
or that fact that i was the only one missing
from my family back home. . .

it was about celebration
and spending time together
and alex getting off work early for us
and taking the metro to red square together
and playing air hockey over and over again
and bundling up for the cold
and walking around red square
as they were setting up the ice skating rink
and laughing at the stray dog
that was following us for so long
(we were carrying left-over turkey with us)
and admiring the massive christmas tree
and staying up ooooh so late
laughing and skyping with everyone back home

and then counting all those
many many many
before nodding off to sleep.


happyfamily said...

Oh boy! I can almost feel the cold! I'm glad that you had a wonderful day- you're right about the blessings- I'm thankful to be able to realize God's hand in my life more and more as I get older.

emsb said...

Love seeing the photos of your Thanksgiving day in Moscow!

Eldon and Yulia said...

So sweet, Jen! So sweet... I think I need a little more time to really proniknutsya with this Holiday, even though I'm also grateful.