Tuesday, November 29, 2011

early training

someday i'm sure
he'll be grateful
that he had two sisters
who had the initiative and the drive
to see that his potty-training was begun
promptly at 2 years old.
they are awesome at talking him into going in,
encouraging him,
giving him an example of what to do
("see?  i'm doing it too!"),
getting his paper
and teaching him how to wipe (!!!)
and even entertaining him while he sits
("but mom, i really need your phone!")

he is doing great,
and i certainly don't to jinx myself,
but aren't boys supposed to be later at this stuff
than girls?
maybe it's just their good influence?


Ann said...

oh my gosh!!! so cute!!!

happyfamily said...

my son basically potty trained himself at 2 years. I thought that was a myth- especially for boys- but my experience with 3 kids seems to say when it's time, it's time. Hoorah for older sisters!

DeAnn said...

I'll hope for the best for you. Isaac was 4 before he was 100%.

Sue said...

What sweet sisters they are!


Lindsay Van Orden said...

jen, will they come to my house soon and train my little one? how great that he has such diligent older sisters to help him get it figured out. and hooray for you to be out o' diapers soon! i dream of those days... they are far off for me, unfortunately. :)