Tuesday, November 1, 2011

half-hearted halloween

i will admit
that my approach to halloween
is fairly half-hearted.
with not only a husband that doesn't believe in it
but a country that doesn't believe in it,
it's mostly for romance's sake--
for giving my children
a piece of my childhood and my culture--
that we do it at all.
without halloween costumes being sold in every store,
and my lack of ambition for the whole ordeal
i ask my children what they would like to be
and then if it's not something easy
i try to persuade them.
milla insisted on "daphne from scooby doo"
which we could more or less manage,
and when avi said cinderella,
well, i thought perfect,
you mean, cinderella getting married, right?
and we pulled out the old costume from two years ago
(i have a total of two halloween costumes stored away)
which had to be hemmed up then
but fits perfect now.
and she's done.
the baby?
well, let's just say
i came across some friends halfway through
trick-or-treating that gave him
a little puppy costume to throw over his coat,
which we returned when we were done
and that was that!

the kids had a great time
and we checked off halloween for this year
(already 10 days ago).
oh, but don't worry,
we did carve a pumpkin on sunday night.
that one i don't let slip by
now i'm just trying to find a recipe
to chop him into.

it's pumpkin season!!!


emsb said...

So, if they don't do Halloween in Russia, how do you Trick or Treat?

o charm said...

the american community!

emsb said...

Oh, of course.
The kids look adorable!