Sunday, November 6, 2011

little confectioners

milla's birthday party
the morning after the dinner, the presents,
the cupcakes and the circus.

in line with her dream
of one day owning
her own confectionery shop,
we put together
a little confectioner's party
at the old росфронт candy factory.

the little ones all got to try their sticky hands
at making their own little chocolates--
licking spoons and chocolaty fingers
all the way.
and if even just for a morning,
milla's (barely) 7-year-old dreams came true!


happyfamily said...

So pretty! I want to go to a party like that!

Maggie Ann said...

That looks very special! I came by to see if you had joined 'Pinterest'. I was hoping so!

emsb said...

What a lovely idea for a party!

Davian said...

how gorgeous--the party and the photos. milla's getting so big!

Sue said...

Looks kinda magical to me. Or is that the music? ;)

Either way, happy birthday to her!


Ann said...

Awesome!!!!!!! All your parties should be showcased in a pretty magazine.

LKC said...

Is Andreas wearing suspenders?! So cute!

TnD said...

That first pic is my new favorite of yours Jen--beautiful.