Thursday, November 17, 2011

new & old bolshoi

babushka gifted the girls
tickets to cipollino
at the "new stage" of the bolshoi theatre.
and so we played hooky from school for a day
and even dad joined us--
sitting there on the second row of the balcony.

we stopped for a second in front of the
"old bolshoi theatre"
which actually just reopened
after at least five years of major reconstruction.
now there is all sorts of confusion
(at least in my own head)
about what to call what.
as the "new stage" was built to house the troops
during the reconstruction,
well now it's more like the old stage,
and the old one the new stage,
but officially that one is called new
and i guess they've created the official name
for the old one to be called
the historical stage,
even though it looks new, but it's old.
are you confused now too?

though we have yet to visit the
"historical stage"--
though i'm dying to get there
for the nutcracker this christmas--
because nobody in moscow can get tickets.
the scalpers have bought up every ticket
for every night.
in fact i heard on the radio yesterday
that they are going to start requiring passports
to buy tickets, in an effort
to curb the hoarders,
who are selling tickets for $400 a piece or more.

we'll get back there someday,
when all this stuff settles down a bit--
and when i've figured out what to call that stage anyway.


Sue said...

Your youngest is standing like a ballerina in that last shot.


emsb said...

The children look so sweet! Love the music you choose on your blog, too!

Davian said...

how cute are those outfits. and the hats.

mer said...

cutest girls ever. and great styling too :)

Anonymous said...

God bless Russia...