Wednesday, November 23, 2011

thanksgiving eve

why am i showing you
milla's new pastry mat?
because i love it--
it's even better than my old silpat. . .
thinner, flimsier but sturdy,
and milla just loves those "pizza circles."
(i got it at williams-sonoma this summer)

and tonight,
on this thanksgiving eve,
she was nice enough to lend it to me.
and so you can only imagine
under what aromas wafting from the kitchen
i sit here now. . .
well, let's just say,
it starts with brown sugar pumpkin pie
and ends with toasted pecan crust.
i haven't yet tried the pumpkin part,
but i can tell you that every pie for the rest of my life
may just have to be made with this crust.
and so if you're in charge of pies this year--
this may be right up your alley.

alex and i finally decided
just tonight after the kids were in bed
exactly how we are going to spend our thanksgiving,
in the absence of extended family or close friends.
and it won't so much be traditional,
but if i can't be with
my 50 close and beloved family members
who are gathering tomorrow,
we'll branch out a bit
and go unconventional.

and now to check on that pie. . .

1 comment:

emsb said...

I am responsible for the butternut squash dish for our Thanksgiving, but am saving your pie recipe for Christmas...looks delicious! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! Enjoy!